(Miracle Mantra Series 1, Volume 2)

Tune In!

Posture:  Sit in easy pose or in a chair with your spine straight.  Apply Root Lock.  Lift the chest
high, chin in (i.e., Neck Lock).  Click here to see this posture.

Focus:  The eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.

Breath:  Will come naturally as you chant.

Mantra:  Dharti Hai. Akash Hai. Guru Ram Das Hai.  Please click here to hear a sample of this amazing recitation of this Miracle Mantra!  And if you buy this download, you will also get Guru Charan Singh's wonderful lecture where he explains this meditation, and leads you through it!  I highly recommend it!

Mudra:  Gyan Mudra. (back of hands resting on the thighs, tips of thumb and "pointer" fingers touch, making a circle.)

Time:  Begin with 11 minutes and slowly work up to 31 minutes. The best time to do this meditation is at sunset, or in the evening, although you can pick another time to do it.  See below for a link to time of sunset.

End:  Inhale and hold … the grey of the earth, the blue of the ethers, your innocence and
compassion ... stretch up and shake out your arms.


Dharti Hai: From the navel down, see a rich, solid grey; the dust of the earth.  Saints feet have touched the dust of the earth.  Perhaps you will be blessed to touch the very dust they walked upon.  You will be elevated to the consciousness to have a human body, a human vessel.

Akash Hai: From the eyebrows up, visualize the most beautiful sky blue, rich, royal and light; the unlimited ether, the vast heavens.  Royal blue; totally open and free in all directions.  (The secret is to hold the image of the grey and the blue at the same time.  Hold them both; hold the polarity.)

Guru Ram Das Hai: Meditate at your heart center.  See an absolutely bright, white, radiant light, shining, penetrating all of the above and below.  This is the movement of compassion, the manifestation.  This is your presence, the reality of the present.

“Isht” is to have the concrete God, the realization.
“Sodhana” to purify or straighten you out … to have the realization of “you,” the God.  This meditation straightens out “you,” the God.

Become immersed in the sound of the mantra.  If you honestly practice this meditation, your intention manifests even if you forgot you had it; even if later you don’t know you wanted it!  This meditation gives you the frequency to know before the act with your intuition ... as a sadhu.  As a sadhu, it is to be practiced at sunset for 40 days to obtain the Siddhis.  It may be practiced for 40, 90, 120 days.  

Yogi Bhajan said about this kriya: “My dear ones, you want your prayers to be effective.  You want your ultimate destiny to manifest.  This kriya can do it.  I know there are thousands of kriyas that we do, but it just takes one done well and this is the one for isht sodhana to manifest.”

Note:  This meditation was done at both 2008 Solstices where the theme was the earth element!


Times of Sunset:

To get the time that the sun sets in your area, please click here!

And to learn the dates when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends in the USA, please click here.

See below to get a really fascinating description of the yogic time of sunset!


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I started the kriya which you e-mail me yesterday... and today I won $100.00 on a lottery ticket ! . I will donate to the Kri teachings... Many Blessings, Wahe Guru
Love, Nirnal Kaur ( Christine, Hamilton, Ontario)
ps I am visualizing manifesting the money to take my teacher-training in Toronto in February !


Yogiji (Yogi Bhajan) defined Earth's sunset for meditation purposes as the sun being two of its diameters or less above the horizon as you see it--not higher in the sky than that. This spacing from the horizon is also the correct time to do Tratakam healing meditations (gazing) on the setting sun, for healing.

NOTE: Gazing at the sun when higher than two diameters of the sun from the horizon will significantly damage the eyes. A part of the sun's huge electromagnetic spectrum is not filtered out by the Earth's atmosphere until and after this angle is reached.

I'm not sure what time span in minutes until the sun sets corresponds to this angle--my meditative mind says 11 minutes. I've never found the number of minutes mentioned in my Tratakam notes from Yogiji from the early 1970's--just the information above. Obviously the ancients didn't have (or need) a Radioshack count-down timer!

In service,
Christ-Singh Khalsa, Austin, TX
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