Mantra to Move through Difficult Situations!

Here is a magnificent mantra that has helped so many people, so many times let go of fear, attachment and pain while the situation seems to ease out magically, and the future becomes smoother!

It was written by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru in his amazing poem, Jap Sahib!

It works best if you recite this over and over again--day and night, out loud or in your mind, especially when you are in the grips of some emotional or other kind of crisis. Don't let the difficulty take you over.  That takes some will power!  Instead hang on so very tightly to the mantra.  Make it drown out the insecurity, fear, sadness, etc. in your mind.  Then things within you change miraculously, but oh, so very naturally and softly.

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You can choose either the "Gurmukhi" version or the English, or you can alternate them!
If you like, you can print it and read it until you memorize it.
Gobinday, Mukanday
Udaaray, Apaaray
Hariang, Kariang
Nirnamay, Akamay
Sustainer, Liberator,
Enlightener, Infinite
Destroyer, Creator,
Nameless, Desireless.

Gobinday, Mukunday... full chant

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