For Power and Control on Our Own Caliber
March 13, 1979
Press the thumb of each hand against the mound at the base of the Mercury finger (pinkie).  Close the fingers around the thumb, making a tight, compact fist. The thumbs are very pressurized.
Press the fists together so that the second segments of the backs of the fingers of the right hand are touching corresponding second segments of the backs of the fingers of the left hand.  The backs of the hands, from the third knuckles to the wrists, face away from each other.


Our Own Caliber Mudra
Thumbs are inside tightly closed fists. Second segments of fingers are pressed together.
Bend your elbows and let them rest at your sides.
Place the mudra (hand position) in front of your chest at the level of your heart.
Let your eyes look at the tip of your nose.
Inhale through your nose (4 seconds),
Exhale through your mouth (4 seconds.
Then inhale through your mouth (4 seconds),
Exhale through your nose (4 seconds).
Continue consciously and rhythmically alternating the breath between your nose and your mouth in this manner.
Maximum time for doing this kriya is 11 minutes.
To finish:
Inhale deeply to your maximum, hold the breath for 15 to 20 seconds as you really stretch your spine, arms, and hands upward.  Stretch as if you are trying to lift yourself off the ground. Exhale and repeath this breath sequence two more times.
"If you correctly and rythmically practice this exercise, you will become saints.  It gives power and control on our own caliber.  It will afftect the pituitary gland, therefore you should just do it."
Yogi Bhajan
This meditation is from the manual "PRAANA, PRAANEE, PRAANAYAM, Exploring the Breath Technology of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan" on page 127.  Used with permission from KRI.
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