Self-Blessing by Yogi Bhajan, PhD

One secret: When you get up in the morning, BLESS YOURSELF! I do it all the time. I do it like this: When I take my first "curl," I say "blessed are my hands and blessed is my head that brings them over me, and blessed are my eyes that see them. And blessed is my body that has awakened from the spell of infinite death unto activity. I shall tell the whole world how beautiful is Guru Ram Das, and how God is working in personality through this ‘pipe' to give people the miracle beyond what is written in their destiny." And then I curl around and I sleep a little more, and then get up again. And I always do it secretly, thrice. And once I got caught by my own teacher.

(Yogi Bhajan, December 29, 1983. Recording)


Evaluate Yourself

By Yogi Bhajan, PhD



Evaluate yourself for three minutes every morning and for five minutes every twilight. You will never miss anything which can serve you or bring you the best. It's eight minutes of self evaluation. Do it religiously. Evaluate yourself by blessing your head, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, throat, chest, arms and belly every morning. Just tell them, "Be with me and be nice." In the evening for five minutes, bless your ten toes and fingers, earlobes and top of the ears. It's an acupuncture. Bless every part of the ears and you'll be a new person.

You must evaluate and assess yourself. After blessing your body in the evening, bless your good deeds of the day. In the morning bless your good thoughts. Your environments, life, your power, projection and behavior will become the best. You have to bless every part of the body with touch. These are your friends. In the first three minutes, at the dawn of your consciousness, befriend your being physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the evening, befriend your being in detail. This you can teach a three year old.


What hears in your ears? Spirit. What talks through your tongue? What moves your legs? What moves your hands? What beats your heart? What pumps your lungs? What works your diaphragm? What moves your bowels? What keeps your throat wet? The spirit of your Soul. Have you thanked It today? Why not? Everything in your being is being moved by the spirit of your Soul. Feel It, thank It, praise It, understand It. It will serve you ten times better. Talk to It, befriend It.

(Yogi Bhajan at Khalsa Women's Training Camp #16, 1991.)