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The mind is trapped in the waves of emotions, feelings, and a constant chattering within it at all times. That commotion hinders our connection with our True Self, our Sat Nam which is our Source of happiness, health and bliss!


Mantra Yoga!


with Yogi Amandeep



Transmission of the 

Complete Science of Mantra


"Mantram Siddium Siddium Parmeshevaram"
Mastery of Mantra is Mastery of Infinity.


Based on the personal research of
Yogi Amandeep Singh, Akashic downloads and Oral tradition.

A most unique webinar workshop on the detail science of Mantra Yoga.



Guru Nanak and Madana mantra

"Mantra is planted in the navel, activated in the heart and it blooms in the 10th gate"
Yogi Amandeep 

Mantra Yoga is sourced in vibrating a very particular Sound until the mind, its emotions and the ever going on chattering is transcended and the qualities of the true self is clearly revealed and experienced in the here and now.


Mantra Yoga is the most ancient method of self-realization and has its root in the Tantric Tradition. “Man” means mind and “tra” means wave, Mantra is that which helps you transcend the waves of the monkey (constantly jumping) mind.


According to this metaphysical science, Mantras are primal sounds that alter the patterns of the mind and brain chemistry. Mantras are living conscious energy and have to be awakened to fully benefit from the sound, a process that is a closely guarded secret.


The vibrations of Mantras create your blissful and peaceful mind. They bestow upon us the power to attain our goals and lift ourselves from the ordinary to the higher level of consciousness.  They give us the power to heal, attract prosperity, abundance and health. 


Your constant vibration of a mantra, known as Japa--when vibrated in specific Mudras (hand positions), Asanas (body positions) and Kriyas (set series of exercises, etc.) stimulates the 72 000 nadis or subtle energy veins which exist in our Subtle, Pranic & Energetic bodies.

When Japa is intensified, it creates Tapa – a physic heat that you can experience, which clears and burns the negative karma (the law of action made requires the same action returned to the action maker) from our life. When Karma is burned, Dharma (your core spiritual Source) is found.







Meaning of Mantra

Different forms of Mantras

What makes a Mantra

Gender of Mantras

Science of Correct Pronunciation

Effects of Mantras

Rules of Mantra Chanting

Discovering your Personal Mantra

How to start a Mantra Sadhna

Different stages in Mantra practice

How Mantra works

The process to awaken Mantras

Mantras'physiology in the body

Mantras' seats in the Chakras

Activation of subtle Veins, Nadis

Methods of saying Mantras

Mantra Mandala

Mantra Mala Meditation

Chakras & Mantras

Elements & Mantras

Mantras for Health, Wealth & Prosperity

Mantra involving Mind, Body & Speech

Benefits of Mantra – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

3 levels of a living mantra nirmankaya….physical….enetric

3 states of evolution in Mantra practise– Japa, Tapa, Sanjam

Requirements in Mantra Yoga

State of Consciousness in Mantra Yoga





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