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To participate with these TeleTalks on the phone in the USA every Wednesday morning at 10 AM Mountain Time, USA, dial  712-770-5572, then enter the regular access code 506311#.

To hear the playback from the most previous "Talk" on your phone, you can dial-in with this information:

(712) 770-5582. Access code: 506311

To find the phone numbers from tons of other countries, please CLICK HERE, then use the same access code 506311#.

To translate this 10 AM Mountain Time USA to your time zone, please CLICK HERE.

In 2009, Baba Siri Chand, that amazing yogi who historically lived in India in the 1500s first gave Siri-Gian the command to “create free teleclasses on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM Mountain Time, USA and make them available to anyone who wants to join in.  Then the instruction was for Siri-Gian to “listen to Baba Siri Chand and repeat what he said to the assembled gathering on the call.”  And happily we have been doing that ever since!
In these hour-long calls, first each person joins in, and we tune in to that great higher realm.  Then Baba Siri Chand gives us incredible explanations of the truly spiritual life, or how Creation actually works, and he leads us through incredibly uplifting and healing guided meditations that take a totally unique perspective each time!  Deep happiness and peace are the results.  And of course, healing energy reaches every person whether they listen live or from the recordings.  Then we hear how the talk impacted each of those on the call, which helps everyone of us expand our realization of what was said.
But now, Baba Siri Chand has suggested that each person in this group listens from you from your own Soul.  Each one will find their own especially heart and trrue from Soul!
We would love for you to listen to these recordings anytime, or download them for free, or join us live from anywhere in the world.  You can see our telephone numbers that are local to many countries across the globe and the access code at Call-in Numbers. However, the correct US number is 701-801-1210. And check the time of the call in your time zone HERE.  (Disregard the date given because these calls happen every Wednesday.) Enjoy!
And now, Soul will be learning you each for your own Soul!  Please have this recordings for our "Adventure" from Aagia Pal, Sat Siri Kaur and Atma Karam Kaur have been our course for many years!  The understanding is that Adventure will see Soul happen because you will come from anyone, not mind.  Now, we are bringing you these recordings for these Adventure from Soul!
Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur
From one of our regular participants on our Baba Siri Chand calls:

I can hardly describe -- though I'm sure Babaji knows if he cares to know -- how many times a day I say "Oh thank you God, thank you."

Or how many times a day I feel this uplifting, soaring energy that lifts me.

That gives  courage, that gives blissful trust in Babaji. That knows one can believe and trust the rest of one's existence.

I can merely follow the teachings he gives us each week, but for myself, I can only feel I have been given, been allowed a stronger, wiser existence extending through eternity and I KNOW there is he who will be a friend, a spiritual teacher and guide.

The most touching thing was when I asked you, Siri Gian, relayed that The Divine One would be with me in my heart and with me when I left my life, when I came or come back into others and live them before leaving again, I felt this -- forgive me, I am inadequate to the description -- this stream of flowing, caring golden love.  What a Yogi, what a Being.  Thank you so much forever,



Baba Siri Chand apparition and healing from Deslie.  Click here!


List these links to be studied by all of us to be these true healing our yourselves!!




Baba Siri Chand is such an inspiration to all who hear his Talks as given by Siri-Gian Kaur on Wednesday mornings. 

These recordings are available below.

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Because Siri-Gian has become a stroke since Jan. 14, 2020, that has "aphasia"  which is become speech difficult, so our regular our participants will begin some kinds of recordings and some new.

 All calls are copyrighted by Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, 2009-2020.

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Title Duration Additional file
608, 9-15-21, BSC Healing from Abuse 00:00
607, 9-8-21, Gift from Each of Us from Birthday's Baba Siri Chand 00:00
606, 9-1-21, Neutrality As Calm Spaciousness 00:00
605, 8-25-21, FLOW--Synchronicity is Natural Happening. Let It Go. 00:00
604, 8-18-21, Harimander Kaur's Healing 00:00
603, 8-11-21, Healing--Mind, Happiness, Virus 00:00
602, 8-4-21, Happiness Sourced from Soul--Flow, Let It Be 00:00
601, 7-28-21, Soul Miracle Is From Relax, Trust and Love 00:00
600, 7-21-21, Family and Tribe Trauma Can Change with Truth and Love 00:00
599, 7-14-21, Soul Healing From You and For Others 01:14:44
598, 7-7-21, Japa Saraswati's Healing 00:00
597, 6-30, Compassion Addiction 00:00
596, 6-23-21, Forgiveness Accepts No Punishment 00:00
595, 6-16-21, Disconnection Is Pain 00:00
594, 6-9-21, Stuck and Chaos Move to Expansion 00:00
593, 6-2-21, Sahaj's Healing 00:00
592, 5-26-21, Heart Works Bring Pure Transformation 00:00
591, 5-19-21, Love from Ravens and Eagles 00:00
589, 5-5-21, Your Divine Source Brings Light--Joy and Healing 00:00
588, 4-28-21, Grief Transforms Soul by Trust & Love 00:00