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100% Responsibility!

100% Responsibility!   What if you were to take 100% responsibility for not only everything that is happening in your life right now, but also the effect on you from everything that is happenin read more..


Life is a Chain Reaction

Life is a Chain Reaction   05/10/2016 Kirtan Kriya Open your heart.  Send heart breath.  Acknowledge the love that is received with each breath and share. Sat Nam   05/10/201... read more..


Love the One!

Love the One!   05/29/2016 Kirtan Kriya Dwell in your heart breath.  Dwell in God with Soul. Sat Nam   05/29/2016 Tratakam What can you do to cut through the negativity of anothe... read more..


Spiritual Water-Boarding

Spiritual Water-Boarding February 20, 2013 You know water-boarding?  It is torture, pure and simple.  In a controlled way, feelings of panic due to imminent loss of life are indu... read more..


Love the Way You Enjoy Being Loved!

Love the Way You Enjoy Being Loved!   05/19/2016 Kirtan Kriya Happiness is being peaceful and being graceful.  Breathe until your mind soothes its reactions. Sat Nam   05/19/2016 ... read more..


What Do You Want?

What Do You Want? The following is Greg’s comment on last week’s Tratakam article from Shabad Simran Kaur called “You Want and Want.” I get so confused because of other organizations that say desire... read more..


Allowing Your Mind to Lead

Allowing Your Mind to Lead   This article is Shabad Simran's response from Yogi Bhajan's Tratakm to Greg's question to last week's article "You Want and Want." To see that article, please go t... read more..


Dedicated to Blaming and Complaining

Dedicated to Blaming and Complaining May 10, 2016 & November 19, 2013 I know.  Life can be a real struggle! What with all of those people, situations and even God hitting you right and le... read more..


You Want and Want

You Want and Want   04/04/2016 Kirtan Kriya You are only you when you are with Soul. Sat Nam   04/04/2016 Tratakam You don’t know if you are here?  You don’t know if you are ther... read more..


Hanky-Panky Cover-Up

Hanky-Panky Cover-Up May 3, 2016 A nasty but very ancient social phenomenon has come front and center to my attention! That is the cover-up strategy that is habitually employed when one member of a... read more..


Allow Soul to Lead!

Allow Soul to Lead!   04/18/2016 Kirtan Kriya Allow Soul to lead.  Be grateful for Soul. Sat Nam   04/18/2016 Tratakam If you do not want to listen, then you are empty.  You... read more..

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