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June 2016

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“Live FOR Each Other!”

Yogi Bhajan’s Last Words to Us:  “Live FOR Each Other!”   June 28, 2016 & May 22, 2012  Our great master, presenter of this divine Dharma, and giver of our immaculate system of Kund... read more..


Live Comfortably As Your Truth!

Live Comfortably As Your Truth!   06/25/2016 Kirtan Kriya Listen to the breath.  Listen to your heart.  Breathe and love with Soul. Sat Nam   06/25/2016 Tratakam Time on ear... read more..


Blinders of Your Mind

Blinders of Your Mind   06/19/2016 Kirtan Kriya Your first breath of the day should always be with Soul. Sat Nam   06/19/2016 Tratakam You have left your prayers behind to be with you... read more..


Absolute Fearlessness!

Absolute Fearlessness! June 18, 2016 & December 2, 2014   From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD.  Kundalini Research ... read more..


Who Loves Ya’, Baby?

Who Loves Ya’, Baby? June 14, 2016 & Sept. 3, 2012 The question really is, “Do you love yourself, Baby?” It can seem like the most elusive thing in the world—this sense of being loved. “If only I ... read more..


Multi-Dimensional Experience of the One

Multi-Dimensional Experience of the One   Tratakam When you live as your Infinite Self, then you are living as your GodSelf.   Do not be afraid of speaking as the One that created y... read more..


Templates, Trances and Transformation!

Templates, Trances and Transformation! June 7, 2016 & Sept. 15, 2009 Can you recognize these Templates of Consciousness from these true stories?  Only the names have been changed "to protect t... read more..


Your Unlimited Love Will Transform the World!

Your Unlimited Love Will Transform the World!   05/31/2016 Kirtan Kriya Breathe slowly.  Enjoy life.  Connect with Mother Earth.  Feel nurtured from her stillness. Sat Nam &nb... read more..

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