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The Longing to Belong

The Longing to Belong September 27 & March 27, 2007   Here’s the conundrum. When is a culture supporting you, and when is it holding you hostage? Have you ever really considered what your cul... read more..


Do You Love the Life That You Are Living?

Do You Love the Life That You Are Living?   09/26/2016 Kirtan Kirya Let go.  Let Soul be every aspect of your life. Breathe Sat Nam   09/26/2016 Tratakam Do you love the life tha... read more..


Perfectionism = Poison

PERFECTIONISM = POISON!! September 20, 2016 & November 11, 2008   Does Perfectionism influence your life?   Please answer these questions to find out--like taking a magazine quiz! 1. Do... read more..


You Limit Your Experience

You Limit Your Experience   09/19/2016 Kirtan Kriya Trust Soul.  Relax into Soul’s arms.  Your life will have new meaning. Sat Nam 09/19/2016 Tratakam There are many roles that yo... read more..


How to Face the Predictions!

How to Face the Predictions! September 13, 2016 & November 10, 2009   The Earth’s energetic environment is moving so very, very quickly these days!  Do you find that a week flies by almos... read more..


You Can Only Be YOU!

You Can Only Be YOU!   09/09/2016 Kirtan Kriya Breathe. Breathe. Breathe until your breath takes you to Soul. Sat Nam   09/09/2016 Tratakam You can only be you.  If ... read more..


Get Your Destiny NOW!

Get Your Destiny NOW! September 6, 2016 & April 22, 2008   I have been asked these questions any number of times, so I thought that a lot of you might be interested in the answers! "When will... read more..


Be Silent!

Be Silent!   09/04/2016 Kirtan Kriya Be free from the mind’s reactions.  Be grateful for Soul. Sat Nam   09/04/2016 Tratakam Rest in the arms of your Truth.  Be silent and l... read more..

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