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June 2019

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GET HAPPY! Make the Soul Move!

GET HAPPY! Make the "SOUL MOVE!" June 4, 2019 & December 9, 2008    What if you could be happy, satisfied, fulfilled, content, fearless and on, and on with just a simple move?  ... read more..


06/02/2019 Soul Journal

06/02/2019 Kirtan Kriya You are creating.  Consciously create. Sat Nam   06/02/2019 Tratakam You are alive You are aware   Relax Enjoy   Breathe With everyone with you read more..


06/01/2019 Soul Journal

06/01/2019 Kirtan Kriya Love is the meaning of neutrality. Sat Nam   06/01/2019 Tratakam Pure Vibration   Life Known   In my Word You live   From my heart You are bo read more..

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