September 17 and 18, 2016

Saturday and Sunday in Espanola, NM

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With Yogi Amandeep


According to yogic understanding, it is essential for a Master’s students to maintain the energy of the Vortex created where he left his physical body. 

Join us in this great seva (service) and exquisite experience!


Ancient Yogis tell us that where an awakened Master leaves his physical body, he creates an energetic pathway from this worldly plane to the more rarefied dimensions that others can actually follow!

A vortex center is activated, it holds the imprint of the master’s lotus feet which can be accessed by devoted students to transcend the world of mind & body and merge into Totality. It is a very real portal through which grace, consciousness and healing energy constantly flow.

A few days of meditation in such a place enhances the spiritual growth equivalent to many years of meditation. In the past, those who knew this science would travel to such a place to be in this vortex energy. When one sits with an open heart in such a place, one can easily travel on their inner journey of awakening.

Yogi Bhajan’s “Ranch” is just such a portal where the imprint of his energetic field is actively transmitting rays of consciousness and grace.  When you walk on the “Ranch” here in Espanola, NM, you can actually feel his most sweet, crystalline, powerful and very refined vibrations.

This is where he lived and worked with so many students for so many years. And this is where he left his physical body on Oct. 6, 2004. This is the very place where his individual “soul bride” became one with the Universal Soul, which is referred to as “Urz”, the great marriage.

Incredible for both practiced yogis of all traditions, and beginners alike!


 MASTER is a Reflection of Your Ultimate Mastery


What Others Have to Say About This Divine Experience!


Yes!  Sooo much wisdom. Love and adventurous experiencing of yoga and meditation and openig my heart! In deep gratitude and love, I give you blessings of Light...

Cleared my trances and suppression from lifetimes...

This was an amazing experience--the blessings were so abundant!!!  Amandeep Singh is a gifted teacher with so much wisdom and knowledge which he shares in a very balanced way. The kriyas and meditations, the gong and conch were very powerful and I reached new levels in my practice,  WAHE GURU!!

So much beautiful knowledge, practical and esoteric--a true blessing of heaven and earth.

Excellent, excellent!  Beautiuful!  Friendly! Fabulous! A joy to be welcomed so warmly! Smooth! Elevating! Superb! Wonderfull!

Sense of Community, group energy increased a sense of gratitude for the teachings, hungry for more.

So profound.  Amandeep Singh is the greatest!!!

Very Uplifting.  Loved the blend of meditations.  Amandeep Singh is clearly full of wisdom and heartfelt love and powerful forklift.

I benefitted with the knowledge that Yogi Amandeep so selflessly shared.  My practice/sadhana and my teaching will never be the same!  Words cannot express the benefits!

Elevation, physical healing, mental freedom, inspiration, vision for the future now, connection to Soul friends.

Powerful yoga, purification, great knowledge, connecting to the heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed the kriyas and connection to Yogi Bhajan.

To be taught by a master yogi, learning to chant in Naad, learning or having a glimpse of the vast wealth of Yogi Bhajan is priceless!

Transformational, uplifting, blessed.  The benefits have only just begun.  These teachings will transform and vibrate within my heart for lifetimes.

Excellent!  I came to deepen my practice and I have a higher perspective of my life as a yogi, healer and teacher.

I experienced great heart opening and release.

Ascending levels of energy.

Powerful experience.  Vast knowledge and many tips to amplify my sadhana.

Beautiful transmission!

A glimpse of the secrets of life.  Desire to learn more.

Devotion, love and gratitude for the Divine.


 whole group

Keepers of the Vortex at Yogis Cave 2014!




Get a Personal Healing Appointment with


Amandeep Singh!


What could be better than a One Hour Healing Session with Amandeep Singh on Monday or Tuesday, September 19 or 20 after our Yogi’s Cave course?  Get the answers you seek and move into the Light even more!  What a special treat for yourself! 

If this is for you, it is best to schedule now before you arrive in Espanola, especially if your stay here is limited, you can lock in the time of your inspiring personal appointment now.  Click the link to get started.  https://www.appointmentquest.com/scheduler/2100063227

Since we are piggy-backing Amandeep’s schedule onto Siri-Gian Kaur’s online scheduler, on the next page you will find links to 7 schedules.  Click on the long-bar schedule link for Amandeep that is second to the bottom, and follow the prompts.  It is easy!  Pick the time that is prime for you!

 Abhai Raj Singh will be hosting Amandeep’s healing schedule here in NM.  505-927-1068.